Transformation for a Sustainable Future


The economy is in an ongoing transformation process. A shift in culture, mindset, platforms, services, customer experiences – and the B2B & partnering landscape.


As purpose and sustainability move into the center of future economies, businesses struggle to adapt their products, services, and ecosystems for future-proof growth. This pertains to startups, SMEs, and corporates alike.

Consulting & Advising

As an experienced strategist, digital, and IT executive, Pascal Morgan and his team offer highly targeted, boutique C-level management consulting and program delivery for holistic business transformation. Challenges can range from HR, cultural training, process redesign to technology roadmap, business remodeling, strategic consultancy and product portfolio development.

With a wide range of formats, from workshops to coaching, from strategy to creative, and leveraging a large network of partners.

Strategy Consulting

Workshops & Trainings

Business Transformation

Personal Mentoring

Startup Coaching

Please reach out to discuss your consulting needs and how we can help with your transformational challenges.

Please reach out to discuss your consulting needs and how we can help with your transformational challenges.


Technology hype-cycles come and go. It’s about people making things work. Entrepreneurs, risk-takers, founders, rebels – the ones, who take it on to transfer ideas into products, purpose into impact, business into jobs. Startup ecosystems are the fabric for economic disruption and have increasingly become a driver for cross-industry transformation. And we’re seeing more startups focusing on purpose-driven, sustainable, impact-oriented business.

Solid Go-to-Market (G2M) strategies are vital, as all strings come together: branding, marketing, product portfolio, technology, pricing, competitive landscape, partner ecosystem, market entry, early adopters, support infrastructure, core team, investor strategy – and your DNA: a mindset for innovation leadership, growth and scale.

Go-to-Market becomes increasingly important from market entry to pricing strategies, from customer experience to surviving the “chasm” – the critical phase between ‘early adopters’ and ‘main street’, where many startups and corporates fail.

Please reach out to discuss your Go-to-Market strategy and how we can help you launch, grow and scale your startup.

ThinkTanks & Networking

Technology driven transformation is being propelled by everything becoming increasingly connected: we are shifting into an ecosystem paradigm. Connecting people, businesses, cultures, and ideas. Tap into our network, explore business opportunities, and discuss new ecosystems, build new foundations for our future. Leading academy commissions, hosting webinars, and regularly serving as advisory member for organizations, we are passionate about opening doors for researchers to strategists, from designers to futurists, from philosophers to engineers.

Lecturing & Training

Knowledge exchange is about investing into the most valuable asset for our future: people. In schools, universities, and business talent development programs, we need to prepare our next generations for the challenges ahead. Speaking and guest lecturing at eg. HTW University of Applied Sciences, HWR Berlin School of Economics and Law, Quadriga University – or providing Masterclass lectures for Futur/io Institute helps shape the dialog with young talents as well as seasoned professionals investing into their development.

Selected Projects & Clients