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May 5, 12:00-13:00 CET



Virtual Reality


March 3, 2022


12:00-13:00 CET

Let’s embark on a journey exploring some dimensions of our future with virtual reality:

✨What is virtuality? A brief journey through its origins, and the hardware and software making it possible.

✨A world in transition: Let’s discuss inclusivity, affordability, and accessibility. But also sustainability vs. global computing networks? And many applications providing shopping, working, gaming to digital health and education.

✨Metaverse and new economies: The birth of a new culture? From avatars to altered personalities to who (and what) rules the „Metaverse“: Governance, laws, enforcing rules and the power of money.


AI, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship


December 9, 2021


12:00-13:00 CET

Let’s embark on a journey exploring three dimensions of our future with Artificial Intelligence:

✨Where do we stand in the AI landscape? How can we explain AI, its strengths and opportunities, its risks and challenges?

✨How is society changing and what role will AI play? How does AI influence our lives today and how can it help shape a better tomorrow?

✨How will AI influence the future of economy? How can we leverage AI for sustainable development? How do we enable our leaders of tomorrow?


Emerging Technologies

Academic Partner


September 9, 2021

Navigating through emerging technologies, evolving societies, and global challenges:

✨ What are emerging technologies and how will they impact business, society, and people’s lives?
✨ What are the Macrotrends and the global challenges we need to address?
✨…and how can we leverage technologies to achieve the UN SDGs and build better and more sustainable futures?


Smart Regional Ecosystems

Academic Partner


June 24, 2021

Going beyond Smart Cities, we explored options and critical challenges to build sustainable regional ecosystems.

Technologies, infrastructure, economic impact:
✨ Strengthening European growth and prosperity, building bridges from Corporates to SMEs?
✨ Innovation & Technology: How can map out future scenarios for sustainable regional development?
✨ Smart Cities and larger Metro districts to rural extensions: Redefining the value chain?
✨ People and communities: Putting people and their desire for a better future back into the center?

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