The future in mind

Having the future in mind, let me take you on a journey how emerging and exponential technologies will disrupt future businesses and future markets and have an outlook on our future society – and how we can prepare ourselves to shape a sustainable future with digital competency.

Here a selection of topics:

Corporates & Startups

Formats: Keynote, Opener, Panel, Interactive Session, Workshop

Clash of cultures: Is failure inevitable or are there ways to leverage the best of both worlds, Corporates and Startups?
Over the last years, Corporates have started a plethora of accelerator, incubator, founder, and seeding programs to life, some backed with internal M&A, or a dedicated venture division, or even with external partners. Have they succeeded or have they only produced a stream of startups squeezed into speed-dating events and elevator pitch sessions every year – and possibly missed out on transfer: diligently follow-up, adapt, ingest, partner, and scale these new business opportunities with what it takes…?

Some of the topics covered:
  • The Cultural Divide: How to make an elephant dance?
  • The Dos and Don’ts on Both Sides
  • Why Failing Is Important
  • Challenges and Opportunities on Both Sides
  • Processes & Governance vs. Speed to Market
  • Generalists vs. Specialists
  • The Risk of Success

Corporate Innovation

Formats: Keynote, Panel, Interactive Session, Workshop

„Innovation“ is not a single ‚killer app‘ or a word to put on every second slide of your next strategy presentation. And it’s not an excuse to pressure your employees to work more „creatively“ or like an „entrepreneur“. It clearly begins with a mindset, an almost insurmountable cultural challenge… What sounds fuzzy at first, is in reality a hard step to take for companies. Though across industries companies are getting better at embracing customer-centricity, agile working methods, and a basic understanding of innovation management, they widely lack the tools and solid approach to implement sustainable change.

Innovation culture means to enable agility, internal and external collaboration; top-down and bottom-up innovation impulses; efficient and transparent processes; foster the drive to co-design, create, and deliver; hire the right talent and transform the workforce with the right skillset, tools, and collaboration models while focusing company targets; flexibly adapt, manage, and streamline your product portfolio – to ultimately deliver a relevant product experience to your customers.

If Corporates don’t get their innovation culture right, they won’t succeed in disrupting the market and bringing experiences that matter to life.

Some of the topics covered:
  • Innovation Culture: The Mindset Question
  • Different Roads to Rome: What do others do and why does it work or why doesn’t it work – and do you even want to go to Rome?
  • What Do I Need To Do: What are the general guidelines, the blueprint for Corporates to successfully embrace innovation?
  • How can Corporates leverage innovation across their divisions, bottom-up and top-down – and open up for inside-out and outside-in innovation?
  • What Does E2E Transformation Mean: The art of letting go and the ability to listen and adapt
  • Develop or Re-Invent: Incremental vs. Disruptive Innovation

Vision 2045 (exploring Macrotrends and Exponential Technologies)

Formats: Keynote, Opener, Panel, Interactive Session, Workshop

Navigating through the noise of emerging technologies and the complexity of how they will impact our future, needs more than just following every hype cycle publication streaming through our news feed on a daily basis. It is understanding how these technologies work, identifying the driving forces behind them, probabilities and extent of impact, interaction with other trends and how they fit into the larger picture of societal, ecological, and economical development.

In this talk we will explore some of the main factors, macro-trends, disruptive technologies, as well as impact scenarios to develop a deeper understanding. This will help serve as a navigator or blueprint, on how we can approach this constant flow of change and complexity.

Examples on ...

Macrotrends: Global Warming – Demographic Shift (Local & Global) – Urbanization – Exponential Technologies – Job & Skill Shift – New Economies – Gig Economies – Global Migration – Everything Connected – Dematerialization – Future Mobility – TCO & Responsibility – Future Food Production, Supply & Distribution – Autonomous & Vertical Transportation – Political Tectonics – Resource Divide – Universal Basic Income

Technologies: AI – Autonomous – Robotics – Automation – Machine Learning – Biotech – Prosthetics & Cyborgs – Mixed Reality – Blockchain – Cryptocurrency – 3D Printing – Nanotechnology – Composite Materials & Alloys – Abundant Energy Technologies – Smart Grid – Wearables – Big Data – Cloud & Ubiquitous Computing – Open APIs and Frameworks – Vertical Transportation

Impact on: Automotive – Aviation – Manufacturing – Retail – Utilities – Health – Construction – Logistics & Transport – Energy – Agriculture – Habitat Planning – Architecture – Ecology – Waste Management – Education – Societal Landscape

Future Tech & Societal Impact, Ethics & Responsibility

Formats: Keynote, Opener, Panel, Interactive Session, Workshop

Asking questions opens the door to validate if we are prepared for change. Looking into the future is less mystical, if we can bring all aspects to the table. National investment programs won’t succeed if driven in silos. Globalization is here to stay, but at what cost? While USA and China are highly invested in technological big bets, where is Europe’s voice in the global race for technology leadership?

This talk explores cross-industry as well as international dependencies, some deeper lying ethical challenges, provocative thoughts to make my audience think out of the box – always with a grain of humor and an outlook on how we can positively manage some of this world’s biggest challenges.

Are we prepared for …
  • The ramifications of the local and global demographic shift, e.g. aging developed markets vs. a thriving young population in evolving markets?
  • Teaching the next generation on what’s coming?
  • AI making decisions for us, without us?
  • No jobs? And what is work anyway?
  • Universal basic income?
  • How the perception of reality will radically change with the pervasion of mixed reality?
  • The ubiquitous collection of a seamless data trail?
  • Nourishing and providing stable living conditions for 10bn people on this planet while maintaining a stable ecosystem?
  • Building integrated and sustainable living environments preventing an imminent urban & rural collapse?
  • Harnessing „clean“ or renewable energy resources, ranging from solar, hydro, wind, and fusion to the onset of next-gen energy engineering?
  • Designing environmentally neutral, best case beneficial, waste and production cycles?
  • Enabling transparency in the political process and the protection of human rights on a global scale and how technology will play a vital role in this?
  • Tackling global migration fueled by inequality and additionally fired up by digital transparency and globalization?
  • Questions around cultural identity, learning, values, societal frameworks, and governance?
  • Harnessing and managing the brute computing power unleashed by Quantum Computing and DNA-level storage capabilities?
  • Ethically owning the revolutionary bioengineering capabilities from eradicating diseases to individual DNA design? What is good, what is bad?
  • Meeting the Singularity in 2045, as proclaimed by Ray Kurzweil? And if yes, will we co-exist or perish?