digital transformation for a sustainable future

“In a world of constant change, I help people shape their business, careers and lives with the future in mind – future business, future markets, future society, future generations – to open the door for sustainable growth and successful digital transformation.“
Pascal Morgan

Europe & Digital Market, Sitzungswoche @ Telefonica Executive Lounge, Berlin 2018

the way others don’t

Navigating through emerging and exponential technologies and how they will impact our future, needs a deep understanding on how these technologies work – the driving forces behind these technologies, the context in which they will emerge, probabilities of impact and dependencies on other trends. Ultimately, how they fit into the larger picture of societal, ecological, and economical change.

Blockchain Conference & National Competition, Beijing China 2018

to inspire others

Clear and straight forward, connected to my audience, I’m passionate about inspiring my listeners. Inspiration will help us think beyond, overcome our boundaries – mentally and emotionally: Exploring macro-trends, disruptive technologies, as well as impact scenarios to help develop a deeper understanding, to enable my audience and clients to become their own navigators in this flow of change and complexity.

AI Panel, IBM iX Smart Session @ Aperto, Berlin 2018

for a better future

Are we ready for a sustainable societal, ecological, and economical change? Can we see beyond the impact of exponential technologies and how they will change our world? Change is a fundamental mindset: on all levels, questioning the status quo, embracing transformation, and being enabled to actively shape our future. I help guide companies and people through times of constant change and re-invention.

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Pascal Morgan, technology pioneer, creative thinker and passionate speaker, cross-industry digital transformation advisor, looks back at over a 28-year career in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as an Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, AOL, and Pixelpark. More >