A question of perspective

Growing up between cultures, from Europe, Asia, to USA, has given me a unique perspective early on. Every business, community, person has a different angle, a different perspective on how things work – or at least should work. To encompass fundamental transformation starts with oneself: a story of personal re-invention, life-long curiosity, and professional business career.

Pascal Morgan, technology pioneer, creative thinker and passionate speaker, cross-industry digital transformation advisor, looks back at over a 28-year career in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as an Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, AOL, and Pixelpark.


He has experienced the rise of exponential technologies since the late 80s and early 90s. Throughout his career from top digital agencies to large corporations, from publishing, content, telecom to retail industries he explored the thread we all have in common: we are in the middle of a global, all encompassing, and accelerating transformation. With that comes a great responsibility on how we shape our future.


Pascal Morgan studied philosophy at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, while performing as an artist, choreographer and experimental musician. During his philosophy studies he was appointed to lead IT and New Media at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1993 – from network infrastructure to launching the Book Fair CD-ROM and the first Book Fair Website in 1994.


The advent of the digital content revolution was soon to hit the publishing industry that changed the way we produce, distribute, and consume content forever. He is now connecting, advising, researching, and internationally speaking on transformation, disruptive technologies, new business models as well as ethical challenges for a sustainable future. This includes guiding companies and corporations through times of constant change.