Founded by Pascal Morgan in 2018, think.speak.transform. started as the culmination point in his career. With his cross-industry and cross-functional experience, the company was to bring the expertise from Pascal and his wide network of thought leaders, creatives, and decision makers together to help navigate the digital transformation that is impacting industry, society, and policy making.

Navigating into an uncertain future means helping to build resilience, foster adaptability, and rethink economies and societal challenges.

With this future-driven perspective it is key to include and to tackle some of the most important topics of our time. Ecological thinking means to understand how we can use technologies to address climate change, societal inequalities, as well as some of the risks that technologies themselves are bringing into our lives.

Over the years, think.speak.transform. is focused on providing core services in the space of mapping technologies to UN SDGs, understanding demographic shifts, positioning Europe in the global technological landscape, and creating spaces to debate, exchange, and grow.

Furthermore, think.speak.transform. offers 360 degree transformation consulting – from culture to product, from people to markets. We also provide top-level business coaching and G2M expertise for Executives, management teams, as well as hands-on startup coaching.

  • Public speaking
  • Thought Leader networking
  • Transformation consulting
  • Lecturing
  • Digital consulting
  • Publications
  • Policy advising
  • Think Tanks
  • Events
  • Content & Media strategy
  • Research

Our Vision

Navigating Complexity for a Better Future

Our Mission

Bringing technological competencies together with values, insights, and executional capabilities to influence the public debate and foster tangible results for change.


We are committed to democracy, equality, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and ecological protection

People are at the center of all things

It is our cultural DNA to foster empathy, mindfulness, continuous knowledge building and exchange.

Europe and the World

Strengthening Europe as a global voice for technology and sustainability.

Mapping Technology to UN SDGs

Leveraging science, R&D, and technology to create solutions for societal and ecological challenges.


International Collaboration

Actively foster international dialogue and intercultural exchange.

Tackling Global Challenges

Climate change, migration, demographic shift, and exponential technologies.


We work with a dynamic team of freelancers and experts to ensure that skills are matched ideally with our projects.
Our core team in Berlin:

Pascal Morgan

Pascal Morgan


Laura Preising

Laura Preising

Content & Media Strategy

Main Office Berlin

Main Office Berlin

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