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Growing up between cultures, from Europe, Asia, to USA, has given Pascal a unique perspective early on. To embrace fundamental transformation starts with oneself: a story of personal re-invention, life-long curiosity, and professional business career.



Speaking is Connecting

As a trained stage performer, speaking and moderating is Pascal’s second nature. In his talks, his extensive business, tech, and creative expertise meet his own personal transformation story, mixed with his genuine passion for the topics of the future.

Motivate and enable your audience to become their own navigators in this constant flow of change and increasing complexity!

Vision 2050

For Everyone, Current & Future Leaders

How will emerging and exponential technologies impact our future? How do they work, and how do they fit into the bigger picture of society?

Sustainable Technology

For CxOs, Directors, and Managers

What are the strategies, technologies, and solutions we need to adapt to fundamentally shift into a sustainable future? How can we reach our climate targets using innovation?

Go to Market for Startups

For Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

A people-centric approach to bringing an idea to market and disrupting the startup ecosystem with purpose-driven, impact-oriented business.

Gen-Z and Future Generations

For Employers, Educators, and Marketers

What drives Gen-Z emotionally, what are their dreams and expectations? What do we need to change, rethink, or redesign to embrace this incoming generation of leaders?

Leadership of the Future

For Current & Future Decision Makers

In an increasingly complex world, we need agile, future-oriented leadership. How can we empower leaders to govern ethically in a hyper-technological and hyper-globalized era?

Personalized Keynote

For varying target groups

Let us know your transformational challenge and Pascal and our team will develop an engaging, informative, and entertaining format tailored to the context.

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 Past Engagements

From small to large stages, live shows, events, or studios some of Pascal’s past engagements include:

IBM Logo

Blockchain National Competition, Beijing China

German-Chinese Industry 4.0 Conference, Mianyang China

One Belt One Road Summit, Chengdu China

"In a world of constant change, we need a compass to navigate through complexity: Society, technology, business – we’re undergoing a deep and lasting transformation…"


– Pascal Morgan, Vision 2050 Keynote

"Is virtual reality the promise of never really being there? The promise of never really arriving?"


– Pascal Morgan, Metaverse Keynote

"You're driving down a highway, at 120 mph when suddenly you realize: You're on the wrong side of the road! What do you do? In other words, we are currently on a fast pace track to overrun our planetary boundaries and crash head-on into a climate crisis. "


– Pascal Morgan, Sustainability Keynote